Over the past few weeks/months life seems to have gotten really hectic. Lots of freelance working coming in, lots of sessions, long days and long weeks. Whilst I know that it’s good to be busy – one thing I always make sure I have each day is time to ground. Also known as earthing, groundingContinue reading “Grounding”

The Beach

In early March I went back to one of my happy places – Playa Uvita on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. I first went there in 2018 and felt the magic of the place. I still don’t know whether it is the thunderous waves pounding to one side of me or the vibrant jungleContinue reading “The Beach”


Last night was the full moon, the Pink Moon. The name is inspired by a pink springtime flower called creeping phlox, or moss phlox rather than being a description of the moon herself. The April full moon falls in libra, a sign which focuses on brining balance into your life (according to a book I’mContinue reading “Balance”

Cause and effect

This year marks 40 years since the term shinrin yoku (forest bathing) was first coined. It came about in response to a health crisis in Japan following a major cultural shift. Having been a country that lived with the land, the late 1970’s / early 1980’s brought the beginning of the tech boom and withContinue reading “Cause and effect”


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What am I noticing?

Join me on a nature therapy walk and you’ll no doubt become familiar with the prompt I am noticing …

This blog is my opportunity to share with you from my own journaling through my ongoing nature therapy practice.

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