The Arun

If you’ve ever joined me on a remotely guided nature therapy session – chances are I’ve already introduced you to the River Arun. It’s the longest river to have the entirety of it length in the county of Sussex (the fourth longest of all rivers that start in Sussex) and is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the country. It’s also the river I can see from my home.

I’ve always been drawn to water. No necessarily to be in it (I’m not the strongest swimmer in the world) – but I love being on or near it. Whilst the flat I’m currently living in wasn’t my first choice when I moved to the area – it’s actually worked out perfectly. Especially over the past year or so as the pandemic struck. As the world has gone mad and everything turned upside down – I have had the constant of the river to keep me company. The regularity of her tides (she’s tidal up to 25.5miles up river) haven’t been thrown into turmoil.

Earlier this year number of writers were commissioned to write short stories and poems about the rivers of the South Downs, including this one, the Arun. As luck would have it – it was a friend who was selected to write about the Arun and asked me to share my stories of her. These, along with others who share a love of this waterway helped inspire the story of My Mother, River Lover. This, and the other nine stories in the series are now available as podcasts under the title of Full Harvest – download them from your usual podcast provider or listen online.

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