Natural Health Service

Last week I went into hospital for surgery on my knee. July 2022 was the first time in my life, other than when I was born, that I’d had to go into a hospital for me. I’ve never had any serious injuries or illnesses. Until my knee went. Or to be precise – the medialContinue reading “Natural Health Service”

A new horizon

I love this time of year. The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer (albeit slowly). Mother Earth is starting to reawaken from her winter slumber. There are pockets of colour appearing across a patchwork of green and brown. Spring is very much here. It’s a time of year that, for me anyway,Continue reading “A new horizon”

A journey into the cold

I first heard about the Wim Hof Method 3 years ago this very week. A very precious friend had mentioned it to me. They were going through a dark period in their life and believed, from what they’d heard about the method that it could be something to help them – so they signed upContinue reading “A journey into the cold”

Treasure hunting

One of the joys of forest bathing is that it allows your inner child to come out and play. That’s basically what forest bathing is – an opportunity to play. As adults we often feel as though we shouldn’t – but why do we feel that way? Who says we’re not allowed to play anymore?Continue reading “Treasure hunting”

Let it rain

How many times have you been ready to go outside when you look out of the window or step out of the door and notice it raining and your heart sinks? Suddenly you’re stopped in your tracks and reluctantly turn around, take your coat and boots off and sit down inside instead? I know it’sContinue reading “Let it rain”

Adopting a slower pace

In modern life we have a tendency to do everything in a hurry. We’re rushing from place to place, focused on ticking something else off an imaginary to do list without really thinking. Sometimes though we need to slow down – and if we don’t, the universe has ways of making you. That’s what hasContinue reading “Adopting a slower pace”