In my role as a nature therapy guide I seek to help you open up your senses to the natural world that is around you, no matter where in the world you may be. Over a series of posts I want to explore those senses. To start with I want to look at the sense of taste.

What do we mean by taste? Looking it up in a dictionary we can see it is both a verb and a noun. It is the noun definition that I’m interested in – the sense by which the flavour or savour of things is perceived when they are brought into contact with the tongue. Perhaps when you consider this definition your mouth is watering at thought of a juicy apple or that last piece of cake you’ve been saving for a special occasion. With food and drink – we straightaway understand what taste implies – but what about when we’re out in nature. Ok – yes – there may be berries or fruit that you know to be 100% safe to eat … but is that the only way you can taste?

The simple answer is no. It’s not. You can taste the air. You probably do it many times throughout the day anyway – but you’re just not conscious of it. So much of what I invite you to do on a nature therapy session is to become more conscious of the environment you are in. For taste it’s actually quite easy. Purse your lips together as if sucking on a straw and take it some of the air that is around you right now. Notice as that air crosses over your tongue and goes down into your body. Turn your head from left to right, up and down. Take in the air from different places around you – what do you notice? How does it taste?

I live about half a mile from the sea – even if I didn’t know that, from exploring the taste of the air where I am I’d get an inkling that the sea was close due to the saltiness in the air. The salt water of the sea has such a distinct taste – there is no mistaking it must be close.

Invitation: Purse your lips together as if sucking on a straw and take in some of that air from around you. I wonder what you can taste as that air travels across your tongue and down into your body?

If you feel inspired to take this invitation – share below what you are noticing.

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