Look up

I spend a lot of my life walking. For the past few years I’ve undertaken some annual walking challenges which have resulted in me walking over 7,000 miles in four year. When I’m walking my gaze is either directly in front of me or down towards the ground (my Mum has always told me to “walk with your eyes down – you might find some money” – and in fairness I have). Sometimes it’s nice to stop and look somewhere else.

When I was in Costa Rica in September 2019 I spent some time at the Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s where I took the photo above. For anyone who’s been – this was taken as you go down the hill from the cafĂ© towards the beaches that are in the confines of the park. As I approached the beaches there were several groups looking up at the treetops. What do you do when you see a group of people looking up? Of course you look up yourself (it’s that dreaded FOMO that kicks in!). Could I see anything? No … but having heard whispers of “el perezoso” (sloth in Spanish) I couldn’t help but keep looking but to no avail and I eventually gave up and headed on to the beach.

Taking a moment to look somewhere you wouldn’t necessarily look otherwise can show you all manner of things you’d otherwise miss. It doesn’t have to be right up in the tree canopy or sky – it could just be something just above your head or just above your usual sight line.

Had I have looked up instead of just at ground level – I’d have spotted this cheetah on the first drive past when on a game drive near the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Thankfully we drove past a second time (and I was prompted on where to look!). The cheetah wasn’t that high off the ground – but, until this point, my gaze was focused on ground level looking for … a cheetah! Broaden your gaze and you’ll be amazed and what you see!

To witness these dark bellied Brent geese fly relatively low overhead was an incredible sight. You could almost feel the power of their wings propelling them on, moving as a flock to safer grounds (I think a dog disturbed them).

Invitation: Find a spot to get comfortable. Look up. I wonder what you’ll see?

If you feel moved to take this invitation – I invite you to share what you are noticing below.

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