Three Things

No Sunday morning is complete for me without listening to Michael Ball on BBC Radio 2. No matter what the weather, or how I’m feeling – he has an incredible ability to put a smile on my face. He always has to be fair. On one of his shows in early January 2021 he encouragedContinue reading “Three Things”

Small things

I guided a virtual session earlier this month. One of the invitations offered was to look at the small things. With participants dotted across the world, it was interesting to see that two came back to our sharing circle with noticings along the same lines. There’s a well known saying mighty oaks from tiny acornsContinue reading “Small things”


It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s something that is subjective – what one person finds beauty in another may not. There are many things in the natural world that there is a common belief are beautiful – for example, I’m yet to find anyone who doubts theContinue reading “Beauty”