Sea State

It never fails to amaze me how changeable the sea can be. One moment it can be so calm and still and then, in what seems like a blink of the eye, thunderous white horses of waves are pounding the shoreline. This year I feel I’ve noticed it more than any other.

I make a point of going for a walk every day. Living in a seaside town, that walk invariably involves walking along the sea front. As we went into the first lockdown of the year I started taking short (30 seconds) film clips of the sea each day on my walk and sending them to my Mum so she could see the sea everyday too. Doing this has made me more aware of how the sea is each day.

My sit spot today was on a wall looking out to sea, watching the waves crash against the shingle beach. The sea had a hint of brown to it from the sand the swell was bringing up from the sea bed and it got me thinking of how the sea is a metaphor for our thoughts, feelings and emotions. How there are times we can be calm and serene and then, with little warning, torment comes and takes hold. How things that were once hidden away are brought to the surface. Perhaps to be seen, perhaps to be heard, perhaps so they can move on. When you’re feeling low I can understand the urge to move on from that as quickly as you can – but actually sitting with that emotion for a moment, acknowledging it and learning from it can be more beneficial in the long run.

Just above the horizon I saw a break in the clouds and just a small glimmer of the blue skies that lay the other side of them. It gave me that promise of a brighter day. That the sun is there, waiting to shine through once again.

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