A New Way

We’re about a year into this pandemic and the way we all go about our daily lives have changed. Facemasks have become part of our wardrobes, loungewear part of our office wardrobe and online shopping become the norm. We reminisce about those days when you could meet friends for a drink, watch a show at at theatre, go clothes shopping and give loved ones a hug.

The way I work as a Nature Therapy Guide has also had to change in response to the pandemic. Whereas I’d love to be able to take people out into nature with me – I currently can’t do that. What I can do though is help you connect to the natural world where you are though my remotely guided sessions.

Utilising the power of Zoom, as a group of likeminded people from around the world, we come together virtually. I have the honour and privilege of guiding you, to help you connect to the nature that is around you, wherever you may be in this world. Maybe you’re in your garden, a local park, woodland, a beach or even just sat at home with some houseplants or watching clouds float past your window.

Each session will end with tea – I hope you’ll join me for a cup?

If you’re interested in joining in one of these remotely guided sessions – take a look at the nature therapy sessions page for more details and to book.

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