Three Things

No Sunday morning is complete for me without listening to Michael Ball on BBC Radio 2. No matter what the weather, or how I’m feeling – he has an incredible ability to put a smile on my face. He always has to be fair.

As I said ,,, Bally always puts a smile on my face

On one of his shows in early January 2021 he encouraged his listeners to look for three things each day that bring joy into their lives. That bit of positivity to help lift your spirits daily – and then to share them with your loved ones to help spread that joy a little bit further.

During 2020 I kept a journal of 3 moments of joy each day. Now I’ll admit that I struggled some days to find anything to be joyous about … but for 95% of the year I managed to do it. It may just have been a little things (such as seeing Cadbury’s Creme Eggs back in the shops or chatting to my best friend (for hours) on the phone or hearing the sound of a cuckoo calling. It might have been going for a walk around one of my favourite places or spotting the electric blue flash of a kingfisher on the river. They might have just been little things – but to me they made a difference and lifted my spirits.

The natural world offers me many moments of joy each day. I always have my iPhone with me so I can capture the moment when they happen … here are some of mine from the past week.

Being by the sea on a sunny, albeit cold, day
Seeing the moon shine bright at night
Watching a kestrel hunt

Invitation: Look for 3 things each day that bring a smile to your face and fill you with joy. I wonder what they’ll be for you?

If you feel moved to take this invitation, I invite you to share what you are noticing below.

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