El suenito

Last night I went to a screening of the film In The Heights, based on the stage musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda. If you watch it, and I highly recommend you do – especially if, like me, you’re a musicals fan, then you’ll understand what el suenito means. For the rest of you … it translates as the dream, or the little dream to be more precise.

We all have them. The goals that we’re working towards. Something that is realistic and achievable but is still some way off from happening. It might be your dream home, moving to another country, starting your own business or perhaps travelling to a far flung destination. It’s what that savings account, piggy bank or space under the mattress is all about.

Sometimes it can feel like our goals are just too far out of reach – and you find yourself asking why? Do you want it enough? Is it a 10 out of 10? Is it realistic and achievable? Maybe you need a little help formulating what it is that you do actually want. This is where coaching can help.

I think having a dream is important. It helps give you a focus, a target to aim for. Perhaps you think you’re already living it? Then ask yourself – what’s next? Stay where you are or is there something more?

What’s my el suenito? To be my own boss (done – that’s what I am with the Eco Monkey) and to travel the world helping people connect with the nature that is both in and around them (I’m still working on that one!).

Invitation: I wonder what your el suenito is? Perhaps you’d like to take some time to write it down and map out the journey you’ll take to get there?

If you feel moved to take this invitation, I invite you to share what you are noticing below.

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