Adopting a slower pace

In modern life we have a tendency to do everything in a hurry. We’re rushing from place to place, focused on ticking something else off an imaginary to do list without really thinking. Sometimes though we need to slow down – and if we don’t, the universe has ways of making you. That’s what has happened to me over the past couple of weeks. A long standing injury that I thought I could push through has now stopped me in my tracks.

Whilst my injury hasn’t stopped me altogether (thankfully) – I have had to slow right down. I’ve gone from walking 5+ miles a day to 2 on a good day. I’m learning to walk on crutches which offers a new perspective of the world around me.

It’s amazing what you start to notice when you’re forced to slow down in the way that I have been. Whilst I’ve always been told by my Mum to walk with my eyes down (her logic is you might find some money someone has dropped – and in fairness I have) – now it’s with a different lens. I’m more aware of how the earth feels under my feet – of all of the nuances within it. I stop more frequently and just notice what is happening around me.

It was one of those forced stops that enabled me to watch this little egret as they paced along the river bank at low tide looking for food.

There is a part of me that is impatient to return to full mobility again – but a larger part of me (I hope) that is honouring this process and understanding that this is a gift from the universe. Slowing down isn’t a bad thing. That said I’ll be glad when I can go for a walk minus the crutches!

Invitation: When was the last time you really slowed down? I wonder what you’ll notice if you do.

If you feel inspired to take this invitation – you are welcome to share in the comments what you are noticing.

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