Treasure hunting

One of the joys of forest bathing is that it allows your inner child to come out and play. That’s basically what forest bathing is – an opportunity to play. As adults we often feel as though we shouldn’t – but why do we feel that way? Who says we’re not allowed to play anymore? Certainly not me!

Some of the treasures found on beach walks

If there is one invitation that really brings out the inner child, it’s when I offer a treasure hunt. No matter what age the participant is on paper, you can see a visible change in their whole being as the excitement mounts as to what they’ll find. They have a carte blanche to find anything from the natural world that they consider to be a treasure … and the items that are brought back to the circle afterwards to be shared often vary massively!

This idea of a treasure hunt got me thinking … what else could you find out in nature? I’ve come up with some ideas …

  • Some treasure
  • Something that makes your heart sing
  • Something that is your favourite colour
  • Something that is nice to touch
  • Something that smells nice
  • Something that is an interesting shape
  • Something that you would like to gift to another
  • Something heart shaped
  • Something patterned

Invitation: the next time you go out for a nature walk – pick one or two of the items from the list to look for. I wonder what you’ll find?

If you feel inclined to take this invitation – feel free to share below what you’ve found!

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