Giving thanks

Today is Thanksgiving. Whilst I’ll leave my American friends to be the ones to celebrate it properly, I want to take the opportunity to use the occasion as a time to give gratitude for and celebrate what the past 12 months have given me.

This past year has offered me some of the most beautiful and profound moments of nature connection. To be able to go back to my happy place, my special place of playa Uvita and feel the bond with that land as strong as ever. To be able to float amongst the bioluminescence of Tambor Bay, under a dark sky full of stars. To getting bowled over by waves on a little beach in Montezuma with childlike joy (and a butt full of sand!). To see the courtship rituals of the resplendent quetzal in the cloud forest. The solace gained from sitting by the shore of Chatuge Lake as my heart was breaking apart and the bluebirds that kept my company.

I’m grateful to the people who have been by myside – for either a short time or a lingered a little longer this year. To those who continue to inspire me to be the best version of myself, to those who have supported me, to those who have joined me on adventures, to those who have pushed me to step beyond my comfort zone and to those who have picked me up when I’ve needed it and been a friend.

I’m also grateful to the universe for the signs, the messages and the opportunities I have been given. For saying a huge, resounding YES to those opportunities. To be shown that everything really does happen for a reason – and as hard and as painful as it may be to start with – something beautiful is there waiting to be found.

I know I am lucky to live the life that I do. Not a day goes by when I take it for granted. We are living in troubled times – the environment, the economy, conflicts – but there is always something in life to be grateful for.

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