A new horizon

I love this time of year. The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer (albeit slowly). Mother Earth is starting to reawaken from her winter slumber. There are pockets of colour appearing across a patchwork of green and brown. Spring is very much here.

It’s a time of year that, for me anyway, offers hope and possibilities. There’s a new energy that is starting to be felt. It’s like a fresh start. What can I do differently this year? What will I do differently this time around?

The amazing Week 3 Wim Hof Method Master Module Tribe

For me personally, I do feel a new lease of life right now. A month a go I was in Spain, completing my Wim Hof Method Instructor training. It was an extraordinary week that was both life changing and life affirming. It was a week that opened up my heart. It opened my eyes to new possibilities. New paths that could lead to incredible adventures if I just lean in and trust.

And trust I will. But first I know I need patience. I need to remember to walk before I run. In 3 weeks time I have surgery on my knee following a tear to my medial meniscus. The method has helped ease my pain and inflammation from the injury and I trust in its ability to help me heal post surgery too. And then, and only then, when the physical healing is done can I really step into this new horizon, wholeheartedly, that the Wim Hof Method has offered me.

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