There’s a saying that goes something like without change there’d be no butterflies. The idea of change is difficult for many to take – and I get that. When you feel comfortable and content with the status quo why would you welcome any change?

Writing this in March in Great Britain – we’re in the midst of change. The 1st of this month was the start of meteorological Spring. The 20th of this month will be the start of the astronomical Spring. The changing of the seasons bring with them a change in the natural world that is all around us. Blossom is starting to appear on what were the bare branches of trees lining the streets where I live. Daffodils, crocus, primroses and pansies are adding a splash of colour to flowerbeds and lawns. The birds are chirping away – exploring potential nest sites and looking for a mate, getting ready to raise the next generation in the coming months.

When we look at the natural world we can see that change is just part of a bigger picture. It’s part of the great circle of life. Change is good. It makes way for something new to come in. The leaves that fell last autumn have provided nutrients to the soil that fed the tree over the winter, that helped give life to the buds that are appearing now.

Spring is a great time of the year. The days are noticeably getting longer and slightly warmer. Later this month the clocks will be springing forward an hour as we head towards summer. Over the coming weeks there will be more and more change happening in the natural world – the buds on the trees will burst open, new leaves will grow, the bees will be buzzing, frogspawn will be appearing in ponds and the class of 2021 will slowly start to appear.

Change can be daunting. It can be unsettling. But it can also be beautiful. Embrace the change that is happening all around you. Perhaps use the momentum of the change in the seasons to bring about a change you’ve considered in your life? I started this post with a quote and I shall end with another. What if I fall? Oh but my darling – what if you fly?

Invitation: explore the changes that Spring is bringing to the world around you. I wonder what you’ll notice?

If you feel moved to take this invitation, I invite you to share what you are noticing below.

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