Howling at the moon

We’ve just had the first full moon on 2023 – the wolf moon. The name originates from the wolves who would howl at the moon in the dark winter nights, protecting their territory and their packs. It’s said to be a time for deep self reflection. Something that is so apt for this time of year.

The start of any year offers us that chance to reflect back on what the previous 12 months have brought us and what we hope for from the next. Resolutions are made on what we will do – many are lucky to make it until the end of the month, others stick around a bit longer!

It’s been no secret that 2022 was a challenging year for me. I was emotionally broken within hours of the year starting and then a back injury followed by a knee injury left me feeling physically broken. It feels like I’ve spent much of the past year in a position where I’ve been reflecting inwards – much of it though in self pity. Not seeing lessons but seeing punishments. Ironically I’d spent the previous couple of years telling someone to see things as lessons, not punishments … if only I could take my own advice! There were good things to come from the year. Deep down I know that. I know the good out weigh the bad. But my god, those bad moments stung.

On Friday evening, as the full wolf moon rose, I was with a group of beautiful souls. Our gathering included a drum circle where I went on a journey to meet my she-wolf. We rubbed noses in greeting. I sat at the top table with her – a place she reminded me was rightfully mine. I thank the she-wolf for her belief in me. For reminding me of where I belong and who I am.

Looking forward though – what does 2023 hold for me? Unlike previous years, I don’t have a firm plan. I’ve learnt that lesson for sure! The only thing I set out to be is true to me. To follow my heart. To listen to my intuition. To know that I am worthy. To know that I can and I will.

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