Just breathe

We’re only a matter of days into the year and already it feels like one of epic proportions for me personally. Just a couple of weeks ago I had no idea what was heading in my direction – had I have done I’d have run screaming in the opposite direction to get away from it. Now all I can do is just breathe. Taking one day at a time as I attempt to rebuild my confidence, my trust and myself.

There has been on thing that has really helped me over the past couple of weeks – EcoNIDRA. It’s a really beautiful practice that I was introduced to last year and have since trained to become a certified teacher of it. You may perhaps be familiar with yoga nidra (also known as yogic sleep). It’s a practice that is as old as yoga itself and is a deeply relaxing practice. With EcoNIDRA we combine yoga nidra with nature connection – it adds an extra dimension of calm to what I consider to be a soothing practice. One session (that can last 45-50 minutes perhaps) is thought to have the same effect on the body as 3-4 hours good sleep. How amazing is that?

Sleep isn’t something that came easy to me as 2021 departed and 2022 arrived. A combination of stress, jetlag and heartache are not conducive for rest and relaxation. As I lay in bed, willing sleep to come, tossing and turning, getting frustrated with myself and those close to me I knew I needed some help. So I turned to EcoNIDRA. Thankfully I had recordings of previous sessions on hand to listen to in those hours of the night – calming me, soothing me, and reminding me to just breathe.

I don’t know where I’d be now without those sessions. They were the panacea that I needed in my anguish. They brought me back to myself. Back to the moment and my body. They comforted me, supported me and reminded me to be. The simple act of focusing on my breath – just breathe. It’s the one thing we all need to do to keep going.

In a world gone mad we sometimes forget to take time out for us. Self care is so important. Possibly one of the most important things you can do. As an EcoNIDRA teacher it is my great honour and privilege to be able to guide my participants through this moment of self care. If you’re in need of a moment of self care – come join a session. It’d be an honour to support you during this most precious time.

Details of forthcoming EcoNIDRA sessions can be found by clicking on this link.

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